Monday, September 17, 2007

Revealed: The Thai Car of the Future

And now for something completely different!

Was reading through my morning newspaper (yes, I still have the habit) and came across Stephff's daily cartoon. This guy is usually good, but today I thought it was a classic. If you've ever driven in Bangkok, you'll know why. Anyway, I emailed him with my congratulations on a good effort and enquired if it was available online. Unfortunately not, but he was kind enough to allow me to post it here for everyone's viewing pleasure. Stephff's got a book of his work coming out soon, so if you see it definitely give it a look.

Double-click on the pic and it should give you a closer image


Geek Master said...

That's a really good one....!
I particularly like the motor cycle defense system.


Anonymous said...

It wont be much different from Malaysian version!!! ..*guffaw*

Unknown said...


Not to mention that the TCOTF doesn't seem to have any wheels. Not needed: it never moves in traffic anyway.