Wednesday, September 26, 2007

WiMax for ships in Singapore

Here's a novel use for WiMax. Singapore today announced that it plans to make its seaport WiMax-ready. The world's first WiMax port in fact, although probably no one else has given it much thought.

Apparently the government will spend S$12 million to allow ships to access broadband communications and services offshore. It's called the Infocomm@SeaPort programme.

Here's what they're trying for: "thanks to “WISEPORT” (WIreless-broadband-access for SEaPort), activities that could only be done onshore previously can now be achieved offshore as well, from regulatory filings, to broadband communications, to real-time access to navigational data. WISEPORT is one of the initial projects under the Infocomm@SeaPort programme, which aims to provide a mobile wireless broadband network within 15km from Singapore’s southern coastline."

Later this year there will be a Call-for-collaboration (CFC) to develop new WISEPORT content and software applications for the seaport community. They said these content and applications could range from messaging services that allow ships to communicate more cost-effectively with other parties, to applications that allow ships to book maritime services through the high-speed network.

You got to hand it to the Singaporeans, they really are top-notch when it comes to e-govt type initiatives.

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