Thursday, September 6, 2007

blogging in Thai

Here's a weird one: if you use blogger from a Thai network address you'll sometimes (not always, don't know why) get the interface in Thai. The kicker is, there's no option to change it back to English. That seems a remarkable screw up by the blogger crew. I'm sure there's lots of people that get stuck in the Thai interface and can't do anything other than close up shop.

It's happening to me now from a computer in the Bangkok Post building, and believe me the reason your getting this post is not because I can make out the Thai script -- it's just that I can remember where the buttons are!!

Will send a note to blogger help and see what they have to say before reporting back . . .


Anonymous said...

What awfully good luck you remember keys' placement!
But did you perhaps forget where the shift key is, or is the uncapped "blogging" because this is a sort of impromptu entry? :D

Geoff Long said...

no, It's just I'm a Bit all Over the Place today